Ronald Frazier

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Quotes Ron Frazier is an inspired man with a wonderful gift, given by our maker, that makes him appreciate life and what he sees. To be a good artist, I believe, you must experience life and paint from not just what you know but what you feel about a subject. Art is very emotional really; it is often referred to as romantic, dramatic, enlightening or inspired. Art as music always asks or answers a question. Thomas Kuhn said "The answers you get depend upon the questions you ask." Ron seems to understand this and it shows in his work. I would recommend his class highly. I know he is a good teacher because he is a good student, always learning himself, this makes a good artist and a conscientious instructor. I am honored to call Ron Frazier my friend. Catherine Follestad Quotes
Catherine Follestad
Artist, Writer, Author

Quotes Ron's a good guy. I never met him til I took a class in drawing fundamentals at Dakota Arts. He was patient and kind. He was not critical but encouraging. He found the positive stuff to focus on and pushed us. I moved forward alot in my drawing 3 dimensionally. I would take another class for sure. I had never seen any of his art before. His sample drawings were superb. What an art to make a porcelain cup and plate look so exquisite in pencil! Quotes
artist in progress

Quotes I really enjoy Ronald Frazier's classes. He shares his incredible expertise with great patience and clarity. Ron works well with artists of all levels, making even the beginners, like me, feel accomplished as our work improves with each drawing. I highly recommend his classes. Quotes
Life long learner

Quotes I have always been in awe of this talent that GOD has given you. You capture every essence of what you are painting and drawing and it always takes my breath away. It is so wonderful that you are now going to teach others to do the same. Everyone who is taught by you will be deeply blessed! Quotes
Of my testimonial? A.D.D. brain here!!

Quotes hi ron, you have the gift of being able to see your subject matter. you have also learned to make the medium express that seeing. i am pleased you are now going to teach others to do the same. we both know that the medium is not the message, but rather it is the structure, design and purpose inherent in the subject matter. i wish you well in your desire to convey all these things to your students. randy Quotes
mr fix it

Quotes Ron--I love your art and I wanted to take a class precisely because of how beautiful it is! It has been a life long desire of mine to learn how to draw. Thank you Ron!! Quotes
Elaine DeJong

Quotes Ron, I've known you for many years and always been blessed and amazed by your wonderful art, but never believed you'd finally do what I always thought you should--get it out where others can enjoy it more. Congratulations on this new website. I hope it is a great blessing to you, and to others. Quotes
Linda Nathan
Longtime friend