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Drawing/Painting Portraits

This workshop covers fundamentals of portrait art. Mapping the planes, shadow shapes, and light shapes of the head. We study examples of other portraits, and examine the beginning of the portrait using fundamentals of drawing, focusing on abstracting our thinking. We learn to avoid pitfalls by  the looking at elements of a portrait and avoid stereotyped features.

Fundamental Drawing Skills

This workshop introduces drawing skills for the beginning artist. Drawing is a powerful tool in the hands of an experienced artist. And since drawing plays a critical role in producing a successful painting it is important to both the beginning and advanced artist. Drawing never stops! I truly believe that anyone can learn the skills necessary for drawing, but that it is up to the individual artist to practice and develop those skills in order to give life to what the artist sees in his heart.

Figure Drawing

This workshop will improve your ability to draw the figure accurately using compressed and sepia charcoal on toned paper, studying light as it strikes a figure model. Focus is on creating the illusion of volume, weight, and form. Learn rendering techniques to convince a viewer that you are portraying a live person. You will be working from the model with a view to learning how to see more accurately and clearly, abstracting your thinking in order to create reality rather than a stereotyped image.

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